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Notice to Quit

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Late on Friday 28th August, the Government changed the rules applicable to the period of notice required from the Landlord and given to the Tenant in order to bring to an end an Assured Shorthold Tenancy! The change is justifed in the context of COVID19.

Now, in order to end a tenancy, a landlord has to give not less that 6 months' notice. There are exceptions, such as cases in which the tenant is more than 6 months in arrears with the rent, anti social behaviour, domestic abuse.....

Then there are still the difficulties in obtaining a court hearing for an order with posession. The courts are back-logged, though it is understood that applications for possession in instances of the several exceptions can be prioritised. In any application, landlords have to provide information on the Tenant's circumstances and how CV19 might have had an effect. Obtaining that information might be a problem!

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