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EL&M undertakes letting and property management work in the Penrith, Eden and North Lakes areas. We do not practice as estate agents. 

Our Services are grouped under two main headings – Tenant Finder and Management.

However, our services are not rigid and can be tailored to your particular requirements.

The Tenant Finder Service

  • Assessing a property and offering advice on rental values, preparation for letting, EPCs, safety checks and owners’ legal obligations (we do not offer legal advice – we are not lawyers).
  • Preparation of promotional literature.
  • Internet and local advertising, including let boards if wanted.
  • Accompanied viewings whenever possible.
  • Receipt of applications and taking references, with recommendations to owners.
  • Preparation of tenancy agreements and any necessary notices, collection of first rents and deposit, accounting to owners.
  • Notifying councils and, if instructed, statutory undertakers of changes in occupation.
  • Distribution of deposit money by agreement at tenancy-end (if we lodged it).

Ancillary Services

  • Lodging of deposits and issuing required paperwork.
  • Preparation of Records of Condition and Schedules of Fixtures & Fittings.
  • Checking tenants out of the property at the end of the tenancy.

The Managed Service

  • Includes as standard the services listed under Tenant Finder and Ancillary Services.
  • Checking tenants into property.
  • Quarterly property inspections.
  • Collection and distribution of rents.
  • Arranging recurring service matters such as gas safety checks.
  • Taking tenants’ queries, clients’ instructions, arranging minor repairs and paying authorised bills.
  • Accounting to HMRC for overseas landlords (if necessary).
  • Negotiating distribution of deposits at tenancy-end to the point of agreement or disagreement.

We can undertake tasks selected from the range above as required, such as drawing agreements for clients that have found their own tenants, lodging deposits, preparing Records, conducting check-in and check-out and dealing with claims. Enquiries are welcomed.