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Information for Applicants & Tenants

EL & M can offer Applicants and Potential Tenants

  • Advice on market conditions and property selection
  • Advice on the implications of taking a lease

Some Common Questions Answered

Need I supply references?

Yes! Usually, applicants are asked to provide names and addresses of their bankers and either their employer, their accountant (if self-employed) or pension provider (if retired). We will (with applicant's approval and consent) carry out credit checks through an on-line referencing facility.

What if I cannot supply the required references?

In appropriate circumstances, Landlords may accept an application if the rent is underwritten by a Guarantor. People who agree to act as Guarantors are subject to credit and reference checks in the same way as applicants themselves.

Will I be asked to sign a tenancy agreement?

Yes, most commonly an Assured Shorthold Tenancy Agreement. The normal minimum term will be for 6 months. In most instance, Tenants will enjoy security of tenure by law for this fixed period and will also be liable to pay the rent for the term. Thereafter, Tenants can either accept another fixed-term tenancy or allow the letting to pass to a statutory periodic, replacement tenancy on the same terms as the original except as to notice. In the latter case, Tenants can leave on giving one month's notice from a rent day and can be asked to leave by the Landlord on being given two months' notice.

Must I pay a deposit?

Almost invariably, yes! Normally, it is equivalent to one month's rent and is now limited by law to no more than 5 weeks rent. It may be held either by the Landlord or through us (usually when acting as managing agent). It is returnable at the end of the tenancy provided that the rent is paid in full and the property is handed back in good order. The Record of Condition that may be prepared at the beginning of the tenancy sets the standard by which the property is judged at the end of the tenancy and therefore the Record is of equal value to both Landlord and Tenant.
NOTE: Since April 2007, tenants' deposits have been protected by law. They have to be held either by a government agency or within the terms of one of two government approved schemes backed by insurance. EL & M subscribes to the Government-sponsored Deposit Protection Scheme, which is the body that actually holds the deposits.

For what else must I pay?

Commonly, water, gas, fuel oil and electricity consumed in the premises, for drainage and for a telephone (if connected). Some owners may include some or all of these bills in the rent. Anything that is being included ought to be made clear to applicants before they sign a tenancy agreement.

Can I change the decorations or put up shelves?

Usually, no, not without the permission of the Landlord.

Are pets allowed?

It depends on the preference of the property's owner. Applicants should make specific enquires before asking to view a particular property. Some leasehold properties have specific provisions in the head lease that prevent a landlord letting the property to applicants with pets.

Are applications supported by Housing Benefit or Universal Credit acceptable?

As a result of a recent court case, agents are not alowed to discriminate against applicants supported from the public purse.

Are their any other problem areas?

Yes! Some owners will not accept applications from smokers, others do not encourage applications from families with small children. Again, applicants should make particular enquiries when registering interest in any property.

If anyone intending to rent a property has other queries, we are happy to receive enquiries in person, by telephone or by e-mail.